Q2’s Security Services

Securing Your Brand and Your Account Holders

Q2’s Security Services proactively test for vulnerabilities before they’re exploited, keeping your account holders’ funds safe and your reputation secure.

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Security is mission critical to your financial institution. The security innovators at Q2 fight fraud for over 400 clients 24 hours a day and understand what it takes to keep you safe. We offer network and platform assessments, as well as social engineering testing, to help uncover potential risks before it’s too late.


Platform Security Assessment

Risk is an unavoidable part of having a digital banking platform—but not an unmanageable one. Q2 can optimize your existing security and operational procedures, bringing both into alignment with best-practice security configurations, ensuring you get the most out of our digital banking solution.

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Social Engineering Testing

Assessing your technology is only the first step in ensuring security. Q2’s Social Engineering Testing uses a variety of simulated social engineering attacks that test your most vulnerable security link—your employees.

Don’t Lose a Single Dollar—or a Moment of Sleep

Having potential exposure points discovered and locked down before your financial institution is compromised doesn’t just protect your account holders’ holdings—it protects your reputation, your brand, and your ability to do business.

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