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Q2ebanking Speaks ACH

Q2ebanking Speaks ACH

Regardless of what you call them—PPDs, payroll, or even direct payments/direct debits—ACH transactions continue to grow and for good reasons. The ACH network provides the backbone for many of our domestic payments, and international ACH transactions are also inching upward. The ACH rails, as they are often referred to, remain a primary conduit for a significant portion of the daily volume of debits and credits. The latest figures from the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), the rules-making organization for the ACH Network, reported total 2011 ACH volume increased by about 4.0 percent over the prior year. That statistic represents over 20.2 billion transactions, certainly enough to keep those ACH rails hot. For the first half of 2012, as reported by NACHA, overall transactions continued a similar growth of around 4.0 percent.

Q2ebanking appreciates the value of ACH and its growth to our financial institutions; therefore, we stay involved in rules making, operations issues, and educational opportunities for all things ACH. How does Q2 accomplish this? We are active participants in NACHA’s Internet Council, Electronic Check Council, and the NACHA Software Information Exchange, which offers ACH software providers input on the development and implementation of NACHA Rules. Through these activities, Q2 stays abreast of upcoming changes in ACH Rules as well as consistently advocates for a simpler ACH network through fewer SEC codes and more straightforward rules.

Q2ebanking participates in various NACHA rules workgroups and represents our financial institutions’ best interests on initiatives in an effort to have the rules benefit rather than detract from the value of ACH for financial institutions and their customers. We are an active member of GACHA, the Georgia ACH Association, as well as a member of WesPay, the Western Payments Alliance. In other words, Q2ebanking speaks ACH, and we are working to help you and your customers have a positive ACH experience. Let us know what you think of upcoming rules changes or other issues that you feel should be addressed at the highest levels. We can work together and attempt to make ACH the best, safest, and most cost-effective payment option available, for now and in the future.

David Peterson serves Q2ebanking as Executive Vice President, Customer Experience and Innovation, and is Chairman of GACHA, a nonprofit payments association located in Atlanta, Georgia. Gil Grey serves Q2ebanking as Vice President, Product Management for Treasury Services. They are both Accredited ACH Professionals.

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