Products for Growth and Analytics

Products for Growth and Analytics

Q2’s set of growth and analytics products are designed to help financial institutions evolve their business strategies and unlock new opportunities for revenue generation.

At Q2, we believe that the digital transformation of financial services means more than simply moving transactions to new, virtual channels. We believe it represents opportunities for financial institutions to grow their reach, revenue, and share of wallet beyond what was ever possible with traditional, brick and mortar strategies. These growth and analytics products are the first solutions Q2 has created to help financial institutions tap into that potential.


Q2 SMART is designed to help financial institutions better understand the financial needs of their account holders in order to make accurate, targeted, and timely product and service recommendations. Built on the behavioral analytics modeling of our Risk and Fraud Analytics (RFA) Product, Q2 SMART is an intelligent marketing platform comprised of a recommendation engine, a marketing automation tool, and a robust reporting suite.

Online Account Opening

Q2’s Online Account Opening product is an enrollment solution that empowers digital-first or digital-only account holders to enroll for checking and savings accounts. Cloud-based and designed to function across devices, Online Account Opening gives financial institutions the ability to extend their market reach far beyond their traditional geographic footprint.

Contextual Personal Financial Management

Q2’s Contextual Personal Financial Management (Contextual PFM) product empowers community financial institutions to provide an intuitive, easily accessible money management dashboard to their consumer and business account holders. In partnership with MX and Geezeo, Contextual PFM is integrated into Q2’s platform experience; account holders’ data is therefore presented within the context of the digital banking application without requiring a Single Sign-On (SSO).

Q2 Labs

Q2 Labs is Q2’s digital-first product group, designed to help bridge the gap between financial institutions and emerging fintech companies by transforming the way they deploy technology and engage account holders. Our CorePro platform is the first step in this vision; designed for the cloud, CorePro provides developers and user experience teams the first bank-compliant open API platform they need to rapidly design, create, test and deploy their own applications around financial services products at a fraction of the cost of legacy backend infrastructures.

See our Platform

See our Platform

We’ve delivered the industry’s most comprehensive, adaptable, and secure smart banking platform of its kind, backed by a purpose-built culture of partnership and analytical intelligence from 250 million+ customer interactions every month. Together, we’ll help you get closer to customers, offer them more, and anticipate their changing needs – empowering returns on relationships for your bank, customers, community and future.

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