Products for Corporate

Products for Corporate

Q2 offers corporate account holders cash management for the digital age. Designed to help you compete for large and valuable corporate accounts, Q2’s corporate banking suite provides the most essential cash management features, fully functional and secure on mobile and tablet. Q2’s corporate banking suite was designed with an optimal user experience that functions natively across thousands of modern browsers and devices, helping you compete for and win large corporate accounts.

As modern technology and user expectations continue to transform the way businesses are run, business banking technology must evolve to meet business users’ needs. Q2’s corporate banking suite harnesses the modern architecture of our platform to provide an intuitive, consistent user experience across thousands of devices and browsers.

Enhanced Entitlements

Q2’s Enhanced Entitlements replace complicated, grid-style workflows with a single-rule style policy that simplifies user entitlements. The enhanced function supports rules around accounts, subsidiaries, approval levels, dates/times, and geographic location.

Information Reporting

Empower corporate account holders. Information Reporting puts the power of data and analytics directly in the hands of your corporate account holders. It provides a set of standard reports, but also gives your account holders the freedom to create custom, filtered reports based on their business needs.

Advanced Payments

Q2’s corporate banking suite builds on the basic payment functionality of business banking for your more complex corporate accounts. Give them the power to create, edit, approve, and execute even the most advanced payments anytime, anywhere, from any device.

See our Platform

See our Platform

We’ve delivered the industry’s most comprehensive, adaptable, and secure smart banking platform of its kind, backed by a purpose-built culture of partnership and analytical intelligence from 250 million+ customer interactions every month. Together, we’ll help you get closer to customers, offer them more, and anticipate their changing needs – empowering returns on relationships for your bank, customers, community and future.

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