Products for Security

Products for Security

Q2 will give your financial institution smart, scalable, around-the-clock security. Our security products protect identities, assets, and transactions with multi-layered, real-time intelligence and security solutions. With smart security solutions from login to transaction, Q2’s suite of security products helps defend your institution at every layer of the application. Because they live on Q2’s single platform, these security products can be administered from a single admin console—reducing exposure points and simplifying operations.

Security is core to your success, which is why Q2 provides an array of fraud prevention and mitigation tools built natively on the platform. Q2’s multi-layered security approach begins with in-house multi-factor and out-of-band authentication, but extends to proprietary behavioral analytics products that detect and stop fraud before funds ever leave your institution.

Risk and Fraud Analytics

Risk and Fraud Analytics (RFA) is Q2’s proprietary business and corporate banking fraud prevention solution. Built natively on the Q2 platform, RFA uses the transactional and behavioral data of your users to identify and halt suspicious transactions, often before the transaction is executed.

Event-driven Validation

Event-Driven Validation provides an intelligent authentication layer, powered by behavioral analytics, for high-risk consumer banking activities. Event-Driven Validation monitors user actions within consumer banking, and presents an in-session identity validation prompt when those activities are detected.

Detect Monitoring Service (DMS)

DMS delivers unified tracking of the threat landscape. In addition to phishing, pharming and malware detection and deactivation, DMS offers brand threat intelligence across thousands of “cousin” domains, social media platforms, blogs and mobile app stores.

See our Platform

See our Platform

We’ve delivered the industry’s most comprehensive, adaptable, and secure smart banking platform of its kind, backed by a purpose-built culture of partnership and analytical intelligence from 250 million+ customer interactions every month. Together, we’ll help you get closer to customers, offer them more, and anticipate their changing needs – empowering returns on relationships for your bank, customers, community and future.

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