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Platforms vs. point solutions in virtual banking

Platforms vs. point solutions in virtual banking

Lately, “gamification” has been a popular topic in software and process design. I’ve quoted it here because it is a made up word from the business community and not a real word that actual people use. Nonetheless, the idea is compelling: using the natural human desire for competition, achievement, differentiation of status, and positive feedback to craft desired results. We have a lot of discussions at Q2 about the best way to acquire development talent, and we decided in our last recruiting push that using actual games might be interesting. To do this we created a scenario for applicants to our entry level developer program to compete in teams using Lego bricks to build product concepts and prototypes. The results were informative, and the activity broke the traditional (boring and low-value) mold of predictable one-on-one interviewing. Changing the way we thought about evaluating talent made our employees much more attentive to non-verbal behavior in the interview setting as well, giving us much deeper insight into potential employee fit and comfort level with the unexpected challenges of the exercise.

For other ways Q2 uses Lego bricks in thinking about software platforms, see a recent article I contributed to in CU Insight.

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