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Compliance, Managed

We focus on the compliance of our platform, services, and hosting so that our customers can focus on their growth.

From our dedicated compliance staff to our world class data centers, Q2 goes above and beyond to assist in simplifying compliance for our bank and credit union customers.  


A Partner in Compliance

Our compliance efforts go well beyond our two Tier 4 data centers and a 24/7 Network Operations Center. From our dedicated compliance staff with over 30 years’ experience in direct banking compliance management, to our ongoing efforts to maintain compliance certifications like SOC 2, Q2 understands your compliance needs and dedicates significant resources to exceeding them.


Simplify and Automate Your Back Office

Q2’s single platform naturally makes compliance easier by giving you one system to manage instead of many. We go a step further by offering a line of products that complement the platform and encompass process automation, risk mitigation and simplified compliance.


Centrix Dispute Tracking System (Centrix DTS) greatly simplifies the administration of disputed electronic transactions (debit card, ATM and ACH) for the purpose of Reg E compliance. The system is a fully featured solution designed to provide operational efficiency, enhanced record keeping, and simplified compliance. Enhanced fraud reporting eliminates the complexity and guesswork many institutions contend with when trying to quantify the financial loss associated with a card breach.

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Centrix Payments I.Q. System (Centrix PIQS) provides financial institutions with innovative technology to manage, report and understand ACH activity. For many ODFIs, preparing for their annual ACH audit requires an undue amount of effort and resources. Many financial institutions utilize outdated and manual procedures (often involving Excel) for ACH risk assessments. PIQS will summarize a client’s ACH activity and also display core deposit balances, loan positions, and RDC/wire activity…all without any manual data entry.


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Centrix Exact/TMS is a powerful fraud prevention tool focused on the transaction management needs of corporate clients. The application offers ACH positive pay, check positive pay and account reconciliation services. Additionally, premium ACH reporting can be offered to your corporate clients providing them timely EDI, returns, and notice of change transaction information.

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Due Diligence Made Easy

Our compliance staff understands the rigor of conducting vendor due diligence. That’s why we offer a well-defined vendor and technology service provider oversight program that helps make your due diligence process straightforward and stress free.

Ease Your Compliance Burden

Regulatory and compliance requirements may continue to grow, but that doesn’t mean your compliance efforts or dollars have to. From products tailor-made to automate back office processes to a fully dedicated compliance and IT staff, Q2 aims to ease your compliance burden so you can focus on your top line.

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