Q2’s Back-office Simplicity

All of Your Digital Banking Needs in One Place

Q2’s single platform is the most comprehensive and adaptable of its kind, allowing you to administer your virtual branch from a single tool.

Q2’s software was designed to help you serve all segments with one platform, from consumer to business to corporate. The single platform makes it easier to administer your digital banking channels, helping your staff become more efficient and productive.


Drive Down Cost of Ownership

By consolidating from multiple, disparate digital banking products onto a single platform, you are able to eliminate cumbersome systems and vendor relationships, helping reduce total cost of ownership of your virtual branch.


Reduce Complexity, Empower Your Staff

A single platform means one admin console for frontline and back office staff, giving them the ability to support consumer, business, and corporate account holders in one central location with a single set of business logic.



A Comprehensive View of Data

A single platform that supports consumer, business, and corporate account holders across devices gives financial institutions a holistic view of how their account holders are interacting with them through the digital channel.

One Tool Makes You More Productive

Q2’s platform provides for all of your digital banking needs with one system. A single admin console for your frontline and back-office staff helps you streamline processes and drive down total cost of ownership of the digital channel.

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Q2’s platform was designed to help financial institutions meet all of their digital banking needs with a single piece of software. Learn what else the Q2 platform can do for you.

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