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One Pixel Deep

One Pixel Deep

One afternoon, following a lengthy morning at a technology conference, I found myself eagerly awaiting a ground lamb and feta cheeseburger. From my vantage point at the counter, I watched as the chef seared the burger, toasted the bun, assembled the sandwich and then plated the food; my excitement was palpable. By the time the chef called for a server to transport my burger from the service line to the counter where I waited, my hunger had reached an almost unmanageable level.

And yet, there my burger sat, cooling on the pass, unserved. All that work, all that handcrafted goodness I had watched him so carefully create just sitting there steaming away for lack of a second hand to carry out the routine task of actually delivering the food. It was then that our eyes met, and he must have seen something that spoke to him as a chef, as his next move was borderline miraculous: he walked around the pass and handed me the burger himself. I nearly sobbed with gratitude. He had stepped up to serve me himself, refusing to allow existing processes, traditions or culture to rob me of the optimal enjoyment of my meal, clearly communicating his concern for his customers and his passion for his work.

In banking, in software, in anything one does really, leaving the burger to grow cold on the pass is unforgivable. To an end user, software is one pixel deep – it begins and ends on the screen with which they’re interacting. Yet, that thin window into your brand, your people, and your business is critically important, and deserves more attention and more effort than we as an industry have given it. With our newest release of software, and the delivery of a Unified User Experience (UUX), Q2 has addressed this failure head-on.

Great experiences are continuous, and the result of their creators recognizing and respecting the intent and context of their audience. Q2 achieved our goal of unifying the way our software looks, feels and acts across the browser, tablet and smartphone, by recognizing and respecting the desires of our end users – FIs and account holders. Great experiences reward end users by providing the right features at the right time in a consistent fashion. By delivering retail, small business and commercial features across all three screens from a single platform, we had accomplished our objective. Great experiences should evolve as the tastes of their end users evolve. Our approach to design embraces the evolution and extension of the experience within the product platform, as well as further integration of downstream, back-end technologies. This may be our platform’s greatest attribute.

UUX isn’t perfect and we’re not done, but as an experience, it’s a tremendous step in the right direction. With the help of our customers, partners, and employees we’ll keep evolving and improving this new way of reaching the people our customers serve. Cheeseburgers shouldn’t be left to grow cold on the pass, and we don’t think software should either.

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