Q2ebanking Helps Clients with FFIEC Audits

Q2ebanking Helps Clients with FFIEC Audits

June 26, 2012

Q2ebanking Helps Clients Complete Successful FFIEC Audits

E-banking provider working to ensure each client is prepared upon its exam date, furthers compliance effort with completed SSAE 16

AUSTIN, Texas, June 26, 2012 – Q2ebanking, a provider of highly secure electronic banking solutions for banks and credit unions throughout the U.S., announced today that six months following the January deadline for FFIEC (Federal Financial Institution Examination Council)  guidance for the security of electronic banking activities, the company has already enabled  more than 50 clients to date work through successful examinations. Q2ebanking also furthered its commitment to compliance by recently completing its SSAE 16 SOC 1 report. As each institution’s audit date arises, Q2ebanking’s technology enables clients to meet the updated FFIEC supplement, issued June 28, 2011. The company helps each institution tailor an approach to fulfill the guidance’s layered security requirements relating to technologies and processes such as dual authorizations, out-of-band transaction verification, behavior-based fraud detection, customer education programs, detection and response to suspicious activityand administrative controls. Q2ebanking’s compliance experts regularly mentor clients on the latest demands and facilitate conversations with auditors. Q2ebanking also provides continual regulatory education through webinars, FAQ documents and whitepapers. “Today all banks and credit unions must be cognizant of compliance and security for the ebanking channel, regardless of how heavily they are involved,” said Suzette Junier, vice  president of Compliance for Q2ebanking. “By constantly communicating with auditors and examiners, we are able to help our clients work through their exams with greater ease.  We expect to participate in an even greater number of discussions with examination  stakeholders to ensure all parties stay on the same page through the remainder of 2012 and beyond.” The SSAE 16, a replacement to the SAS 70, establishes international service organization  reporting standards. Matt Flake, CEO and president of Q2ebanking, added, “In addition to helping our clients accomplish their online, voice and mobile compliance objectives, we also  continually strive to uphold the highest standards of excellence, and completing the SSAE 16  SOC 1 is a component of that. Q2ebanking continues to receive such positive feedback on our  technology and its ability to facilitate e-banking compliance as well as the overall level of  instruction and overall service that we provide.”