Caliper SDK gives financial institutions the tools, knowledge and access necessary to build their own digital banking experiences

August 14, 2018Q2 Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:QTWO), a leading provider of secure, experience-driven digital banking solutions for community-focused financial institutions, announced today the release of Q2 Caliper SDK, a comprehensive toolkit designed to enable FIs to customize and extend the Q2 Platform to meet their account holders’ expectations and specific needs.

“The Caliper SDK is the latest example of Q2’s broader shift toward leveraging open technology to simplify and accelerate our architecture model,” said Adam Blue, chief technology officer at Q2. “Caliper grants financial institutions a level of knowledge, control and accessibility they haven’t had previously. FIs with varying degrees of development capability can now build their own features and functionality on top of the Q2 Platform to meet their customers’ evolving demands.”

Unlike many other software development kits, the Caliper SDK contains the same tools Q2 developers have consumed internally for more than seven years, allowing FIs the ability to develop and customize their own digital banking solutions quickly and easily.

“Q2 enables our FI to offer our members the ability to bank the way they want to bank, when they want to bank,” said Brad Hutchinson, director of application development for Georgia United Credit Union. “We utilized Caliper to create a balance transfer form and a courtesy pay form for quick go-lives. Being able to do it ourselves with the SDK turned out to be the right move, and it’s already paid for itself.”

While many SDKs offer scarce support, limited capabilities and few customization options, Caliper can be utilized by development teams of any size and contains various components and levels of accessibility to effectively cater to FIs, including:

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