A single, superior platform for simplicity and growth

Q2 delivers digital banking that’s superior, competitive, and designed to help you grow both your consumer and commercial account holder bases. We offer tools to help you more effectively assess risk as your services scale to meet the needs of larger clients, and our single-platform solution gives you the ability to serve the needs of every account with a single login, interface, and experience.

Enjoy a true strategic partnership

Q2 not only provides a best-in-class digital banking experience, but also the tools to customize, scale, and differentiate quickly and easily at the FI level. A true strategic partner, Q2 works hard to align our goals with your goals, helping community credit unions compete with larger FIs in the digital space.

A full-featured dispute management solution

CentrixDTS™ greatly simplifies the administration of disputed transactions for the purpose of Reg E compliance. This full-featured case management solution is designed to increase efficiency, save time, enhance record-keeping, and make compliance easier.

Solutions to reduce fraud, mitigate risk, and save time

Centrix Solutions, a Q2 company, delivers best-in-class products for more efficient and effective transaction management, risk mitigation, and dispute administration. They offer a suite of solutions that can save FIs time, money, and headaches—while enabling them to better serve their account holders.

An integrated positive pay solution for checks and ACH

Centrix Exact/TMS™ focuses on the transaction management needs of corporate clients to help them reduce payment fraud. It offers ACH positive pay, check positive pay, account reconciliation services, and can include premium reporting to help corporate account holders better track their transactions.