Centrix DTS with Fraud Alerts

By adding Fraud Alert’s powerful reporting to existing CentrixDTS functionality, FIs can take fraud and dispute tracking to the next level-saving time and resources while minimizing the loss of assets to fraud.

Corporate Lite

Q2 offers the flexibility and functionality to grow from small business to corporate player—all on the same mobile-first platform.

P2P Payments

Q2 P2P payments provide banks and credit unions an easy, real-time, and safe money transfer offering for their end users.

Q2 P2P levels the playing field for community financial institutions, enabling them to offer fully integrated person-to-person payments within their existing digital banking experience.

Easy Solutions DSB Mobile

DSB Mobile is embedded into the Q2 mobility app, deploying frictionless security to mobile end users and comprehensive threat visibility to your institution.

DSB Mobile is effective: FIs will see improvements in fraud control and have less alerts to investigate.

Easy Solutions DSB Clientless

Compatible with any device, DSB Clientless instantly identifies malicious injections and assesses the type and risk level of malware attacks—without imposing on your online account holders.

DSB Clientless has the power to instantly identify malicious injections.