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You’re trying to meet the operational needs of your business AND the unbelievably high digital expectations of account holders.

With what seems like a new digital trend or feature popping up every day, how can you keep up?

Digital channel providers believe you can keep pace with new competitors by focusing on

operations, integrations, and features,

but these capabilities aren’t enough.

Account holders expect your digital experience to match popular technologies by providing outcomes that immediately satisfy their needs in a personalized, emotional way.

To do that, you also need data-driven insights, open technology, and a unique problem-solving process.

Delivering both capabilities and emotional experiences means you can be the ever-present companion on their financial journey.

We call it Financial Experience (FinX)

A financial experience (FinX) company helps you understand your account holders’ financial experiences from their perspective—knowing what they want to accomplish, what motivates them, and how they feel about the outcomes of their financial behaviors.

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Here’s how we do it:

Data-Driven Insights

To be a trusted companion, you must act like one. We help you get to know account holders using machine-learning technology. Understanding their behavior and motivations leads to more personalized experiences, and the more you anticipate their needs, the more they’ll turn to you on their financial journey.

Data Driven Insights

Open Technology

We make innovation more accessible than ever with our robust SDK and portfolio of open-API technologies. We want to help you unlock new opportunities for collaboration to evolve the financial experience—whether it’s meeting your basic needs, building your own ideas, or partnering with the right company.

Open Technology


The industry calls it design thinking—we call it approaching every task from the user’s perspective, whether that’s an account holder or an employee at your financial institution. Our unique problem-solving process helps us discover the heart of a problem instead of fixing its symptoms. We ask, understand, and deliver results—and we’re never satisfied.

Problem Solving

Simplify stolen card hassles

Whether it’s fraudulent charges, or a lost or stolen card, account holders need a trustworthy companion ready to ease their worry and solve their problems. Let them quickly dispute charges online and automatically update their new card numbers for over 50 online vendor and subscription services.

Make corporate transactions more compliant

Give corporate account holders an easy way to set up account permissions and automatically evaluate if transactions are user-permitted and compliant.

Support their savings goals

It’s pretty safe to say all account holders want to save money for something, whether it’s a car, a vacation, or a new pair of shoes. Gaining valuable insights through data means getting to know their desires and offering ways to help them achieve their goals.

Account holders want easy, seamless financial experiences, and they want them from you.

Let us help make you the ever-present companion on their financial journey.

Join Their Journey