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Choose Your Partners Wisely

Choose Your Partners Wisely

The tendency for humans to try and do everything themselves is as old as time. Whether it stems from a desire to reap all the glory, a lack of trust in others, or simply a failure to consider asking for help, it’s been the downfall of many. In the words of Inspector Harry Callahan, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

At Q2, we create great software – that’s our forte – in the form of a virtual banking platform that strengthens communities by strengthening the financial institutions that serve them. We do not build ATMs, design firewalls, provide core processing, erect data centers, or do a slew of other things around which entire companies are built. For these reasons, choosing the right partners is critical to our success – and yours. As Lou Senko, Q2’s Vice President of Information Technology says, “We like to think of our trusted partners as part of the magic that happens behind the scenes. Their technology is a key foundation to some of Q2’s future capabilities underneath our product offerings.”

EMC is one such trusted partners for us. Who do you consider your key partners? Tweet them some appreciation and include #Q2partners.

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