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Centrix solutions for efficient, effective risk management and compliance

The average FI spends


per year recovering from fraud*

*Source: American Banker, 2016

Centrix Solutions, a Q2 company, delivers best-in-class products and services to help detect fraud, manage risk, and simplify compliance for financial institutions (FIs) of all sizes.

Dispute tracking and fraud alert

Centrix DTS


Centrix Dispute Tracking System (CentrixDTS™) greatly simplifies the administration of disputed electronic transactions for the purpose of Reg E compliance. CentrixDTS gives banks and credit unions a full-featured case management solution designed to provide operational efficiency, enhanced record keeping, and compliance controls.

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Summit Community Bank

The CentrixDTS case management, automation, and audit controls have greatly simplified our procedures and given us confidence that we are in compliance.

—Scott Jennings, Chief Operating Officer

CentrixDTS with Fraud Alert

CentrixDTS™ with Fraud Alert is an add-on module that allows FIs to quickly and accurately track and report breaches, as well as measure the financial impact. By adding the Fraud Alert module’s powerful reporting to existing CentrixDTS functionality, FIs can take fraud and dispute tracking to the next level—saving time and resources while minimizing losses.

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ACH risk management

Centrix PIQS


Centrix Payments I.Q. System (CentrixPIQS™) provides FIs with innovative technology to manage, report, and understand ACH activity. FIs utilizing outdated, manual procedures—often through Excel—for ACH risk assessments and audits will appreciate CentrixPIQS. It automates the collection of data, summarizes an account holder’s ACH activity, and displays core deposit balances, loan positions, and RDC/wire activity.

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Transaction management and fraud prevention

Centrix Exact/TMS

Centrix Exact/TMS™ is a powerful fraud prevention tool focused on the transaction management needs of corporate clients. The product offers ACH positive pay, check positive pay, and account reconciliation services. Additionally, premium ACH reporting can be offered to your corporate account holders, providing them timely EDI, returns, and notice of change transaction information.

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Fairfield County Bank

Positive Pay file mapping used to take days—going back and forth to the client with an Excel file. Now it takes less than 10 minutes to do some mapping and that’s it.

—Christina Bodine, VP and Cash Management Officer

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