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Anticipate account holder needs

Increase products per relationship and detect cybercrime before it happens with the help of behavioral analytics.



of FIs feel their analytics are future-ready*

*Source: Deluxe Financial Services, Inc (2017), What’s Going On in Banking 2017: Cornerstone Advisors’ Perspective on Community-Based FIs’ Priorities and Technology Plans

Differentiate your financial products and services by understanding, anticipating, and offering account holders what they want and need.

The key to unlocking these customer insights is in the behavioral intelligence buried in the large amount of data your institution gathers every day. Q2’s unique approach in evaluating data provides this intelligence.


Q2 data scientists and engineers have worked to develop an intelligent targeting and messaging platform that allows an FI to take advantage of its data to grow relationships. Called Q2 SMART™, this innovative platform based on machine learning and behavioral analytics allows a bank or credit union to deliver the right offer to the right people at the right time.


Q2 SMART allows an FI’s marketing, business development, and other groups to uncover real needs and engage account holders. Q2 SMART includes a recommendation engine, a marketing automation tool, and a robust reporting suite. There are no files to upload, no expensive data warehouses to maintain, or data scientists needed to develop complex analytical models to derive insights. Q2 has done all that work for you.

Q2 SMART Overview

Bank of Utah

Last year we had an 18% increase in our treasury management revenue, because we’re able to offer more services and compete with the larger institutions.

—Craig Roper, SVP and Chief Deposit Officer

Q2 Sentinel

Predictive security

In addition to finding revenue opportunities, Q2 uses real-time analytics with behavioral and transactional data to identify potentially fraudulent transactions and stop them before funds ever leave your institution. Q2’s behavioral analytics algorithms also power a consumer fraud prevention tool that monitors high-risk in-app activities and presents an authentication prompt when suspicious patterns are detected.

Q2 Sentinel Overview

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